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PSA Award of Excellence 2011 Nominations

The Award Committee of the Phycological Society of America is soliciting nominations for one or more PSA Awards of Excellence. The PSA Award of Excellence is a career achievement award for a living phycologist. A list of previous awardees can be found here. Recipients of the Award of Excellence shall be chosen on the basis of their sustained scholarly contributions in, and impact on, the field of phycology, through a distinguished record of scholarly activity. Nominations will be welcomed for all fields of research/teaching on algae and also should highlight the candidates' service to PSA and/or other phycological societies.

Nomination packages should include a single nominating letter from a PSA member highlighting the reasons for the nomination. Four additional names and contact information must be submitted with the nomination letter to provide letters of support. The committee will contact referees directly. The candidate will be asked to provide a complete C.V. (including information relating to teaching and service). Previous nominees will be considered if new nomination materials are submitted. Inquires and/or materials should be directed to Tracy Villareal Chair, PSA Award of Excellence Committee, Marine Science Institute, University of Texas at Austin, 750 Channel View Dr., Port Aransas, Texas 78373 USA. In order to receive full consideration for the Award that will be made at the 2011 annual meeting of the PSA, the complete nomination package must be received by January 20, 2011.

PSA Holiday Fundraiser

The Phycological Society of America seeks to raise a total of $25,000 in Endowment interest income and donations to double student support. Please read more about the PSA fundraiser at this web site.

Deep Water Seaweeds Make the News!

The results of a recently published Journal of Phycology "online early" article were highlighted on the BBC news website.

The deep water green seaweeds Palmophyllum and Verdigellas formed an ancient lineage within the Viridiplantae (green algae and land plants) based on molecular phylogenetic analyses. These macrophyte seaweeds are comprised of spherical cells encased in a gelatinous matrix. The DNA sequence data was obtained at California State University, Fresno by Frederick W. Zechman and Matt Ashworth. Palmophyllum and Verdigellas were placed into a new green alga order Palmophyllales.

Congratulations to Rick Zechman and his coauthors!

2010 PSA Elections

    Voting is now underway for PSA's Vice-President/President-Elect, Membership Director, Communications Director, and four members of the Editorial Board. Members are also asked to vote in favor or against the proposed bylaw revisions to establish the office of International Vice President.

    PSA Ballot 2010.pdf

    PSA Ballot Bylaw Revision 2010.pdf

    In addition to a copy of the ballot, attached are each candidate's goals for PSA and background information, as well as details on the proposed bylaw revisions.

    PSA Ballot Information.pdf

    Members may vote electronically via our Journal of Phycology website hosted by Wiley-Blackwell. If you have any difficulty accessing any portion of the website or have any other questions regarding your membership, please contact Wiley-Blackwell Membership Services:

    Toll-free in North America: 800-835-6770
    Direct from any location: 781-388-8599
    Global Email

    Voting ends 1 December 2010.

    Any member requesting a paper ballot may do so by contacting the Election Committee Chair, M. Dennis Hanisak, by 12 November 2010. All paper ballots are due back to him by 1 December 2010.

    Thank you for your participation in your PSA governance!


    M. Dennis Hanisak, Chair
    PSA Election Committee

The Deadline for PSA Grants-In-Aid of Research is November 1, 2010

    Students that would like to be considered for the Grants-In-Aid of Research for this year must ensure that they submit the following items to Dr. Eric W. Linton, Chair of the Grants-In-Aid of Research Committee via electronic submission in PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc) format:

    1. A complete application

    2. A curriculum vitae, which must include papers presented at meetings, publications, and grants and fellowships received.

    3. Two letters of recommendation. One from his/her major advisor and another from a member of the thesis committee.

    NOTE: Beginning this year students that receive this award will have four reporting requirements to the PSA, such as a 1 page final report. Please see the application web page for complete details.

    Additional information on the qualifications and criteria for these awards can be found at the Grants-In-Aid of Research web page.

    Please contact Dr. Eric W. Linton if you have any additional questions or concerns.

2011 Phycological Society of America Annual Meeting

    Preliminary information about the 2011 PSA annual meeting in Seattle, Washington can be found here.

List of PSA Archive Items

    Bruce Parker has compiled a list of items (pdf) stored at the PSA archives at Virginia Tech. The mailing address and phone number for the PSA archives is listed below:

    Special Collections Library
    University Libraries
    Virginia Tech
    P.O. Box 90001
    Blacksburg, VA 24062-9001 U.S.A.
    Phone: 1-540-231-6170

Mike Guiry

Mike Guiry is the recipient of the 2010 PSA Award of Excellence

    Congratulations to Mike Guiry who was honored with the Phycological Society of America's Award of Excellence at the PSA annual meeting in East Lansing, Michigan for his lifetime achievements in algal research!

Jeff Morris Wins the Bold Award in 2010

    Jeff Morris won the Harold C. Bold award for the best oral presentation by a student at the 2010 PSA annual meeting. His winning talk is entitled "Evolution towards dependency for a free-living organism: heterotrophic 'helpers' increase resistance of Prochlorococcus to ecologically relevant concentrations of hydrogen peroxide". Great work Jeff!

2010 Provasoli Award Winners Announced

    Arne C. Materna, Sabine Sturm, Peter G. Kroth, and Johann Lavaud won the Luigi Provasoli Award given to the most outstanding paper published in the Journal of Phycology in the previous year. Their paper is entitled "First induced plastid genome mutations in an alga with secondary plastids: psbA mutations in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum (Bacillariophyceae) reveal consequences of the regulation of photosynthesis". Well deserved congratulations to all!

Thank You 2010 Meeting Volunteers!

The Phycological Society of America appreciates the efforts of following people for providing an enjoyable meeting at East Lansing, MI in 2010.

  • T.J. Evens
  • Rich Triemer
  • Eric Linton
  • Matthew Bennett
  • Krystle Wiegert
  • Donovan Watza
  • Louise Harder

The 2010 PSA annual meeting program is available for download.

Membership Information Update

    The 2010 PSA Officer Elections will be conducted soon and we need to make sure that our Membership Contact Information (email address, physical mail address & phone number) are correct in our database. Please follow these instructions and check your membership profile and correct any information that needs updating.

      Thank you,
      Roy L. Lehman
      PSA Program Director

UAB Researchers Study the Antarctic Algal "Forests"

    Professor Chuck Amsler and his research team at the University of Alabama at Birmingham explore the cold waters of Antarctica in search of new cancer medicines. Amsler's research focuses on Antarctic seaweeds and their chemical defenses. Check out the video on the National Geographic website.

The 2010 Winter-Spring PSA Newsletter

    The Winter-Spring 2010 newsletter is available for download.

    Previous newsletters can be downloaded here.