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The fundraising campaign for the Ralph A. Lewin Poster Award is now underway, with more than $300 donated by the Executive Committee of PSA and more than $100 sent in by members so far. Paul Gabrielson, Russ Chapman, and Rick McCourt have agreed to match dollar for dollar up to $2,000 any donation to the Lewin endowment during 2013. So we are well on our way towards the goal of $4,000, including the match, but we can use your help.
The Ralph A. Lewin endowment provides funds for the Lewin Poster Award given annually to the best student poster at a PSA meeting. The Lewin award acknowledges the importance of posters in developing student careers and their interest in algal research. Often, a poster is the first significant participation by a young scientist in research and the community of science.
There are several ways you may donate.
1. Checks payable to Phycological Society of America (please write in memo line 'Lewin Endowment Challenge') can be sent to Dr. Tim Nelson, Biology Dept., Seattle Pacific Univ., 3307 3rd Ave. West, Suite 205, Seattle, WA 98119.
2. Online donations can be made following instructions shown below. If you donate online, please send an email to Rick McCourt (rmccourt@gmail.com) letting him know the amount and date of the donation.
The PSA prides itself as an organization that strongly supports its student members with programs such as the Ralph A. Lewin Poster Award. Any amount you donate will doubly support the Lewin Endowment. We thank you in advance for your donation!
Paul W. Gabrielson, Russell L. Chapman, and Richard McCourt

Make a Donation to PSA General Fund

Now you can use PayPal to donate money to the Phycological Society of America. All donations to PSA are tax-deductible.

Donate Online to the PSA General Fund

Or mail a check payable to the Phycological Society of America Endowment:

Dr. Tim Nelson
PSA Endowment Funds Manager
Department of Biology
Seattle Pacific University
3307 3rd Avenue West, Suite 205
Seattle, WA 98119-1950

Endowment Funds

The Phycological Society of America's Endowment Funds were established by the PSA through donations and fund raising activities that began in 1979 and are a continuing activity of the Society. The Endowment is supervised by the Board of Trustees which recommends particular actions for approval by the Executive Committee of the PSA. The Endowment Funds consist of several accounts which were established for particular scientific, educational, and award purposes. These funds are described in the Bylaws of the PSA (Article XI).

Tax-deductible contributions from members or friends of the PSA may be earmarked for a particular fund. They may be delivered to the Fund Manager. Please make checks payable to the Phycological Society of America Endowment and indicate to which fund(s) (see below) you wish the principal credited. Such contributions insure that the PSA's support of these function will continue in perpetuity as, in most cases, only the annual income is allocated to fund activities or awards. We also welcome suggestions and contributions towards new funds provided they are compatible with the purpose of the Phycological Society of America and fall within its Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit scientific and educational organization. Please contact a member of the Board of Trustees or Executive Committee for further details.

In addition to the PSA Endowment, the Board of Trustees manages two other PSA accounts, the Operating Reserve Fund and the Life Members' Fund, which are part of the PSA Treasury. All three funds are collectively managed through the trust division of a major national bank. The Endowment Funds are dedicated to the scientific, educational and award functions mentioned above. The accounts currently in the Endowment Funds and the activities they support include: